Swarovski Diamante Polished Stainless Steel

The latest Red Dingo Diamante range features polished stainless steel pet tags with embedded diamantes by Swarovski Zirconia. Diamante tags are available in small, medium and large excluding the fish which is only available in small.

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  1. Diamante Bird Pet Tag

    Diamante Bird Pet Tag

    From $27.95
    Diamante Bird Large Learn More
  2. Diamante Bone Pet Tag

    Diamante Bone Pet Tag

    From $27.95
    Diamante Bone Large Learn More
  3. Diamante Circle Pet Tag

    Diamante Circle Pet Tag

    From $27.95
    Diamante Circle Large Learn More
  4. Diamante Fish Pet Tag

    Diamante Fish Pet Tag

    From $27.95
    Diamante Fish Small Learn More
  5. Diamante Heart Pet Tag

    Diamante Heart Pet Tag

    From $27.95
    Diamante Heart Large Learn More
  6. Diamante Rectangle Pet Tag

    Diamante Rectangle Pet Tag

    From $27.95
    Diamante Rectangle Large Learn More

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